Gloster Meteor TT.20

The Gloster Meteor TT Mk.20 was a target towing aircraft created by modifying surplus NF Mk.11s, available for other uses after the appearance of the NF Nk.14. It was produced for the Royal Navy to replace their piston-engined Fairey Firefly tugs, which no longer had the performance needed for the role.

Gloster Meteor TT Mk.20
Gloster Meteor TT Mk.20

The TT Mk.20 was equipped with a wing-driven ML Aviation G-Type winch, mounted above the starboard wing between the fuselage and the engine nacelle. This controlled a 6,100ft long towing cable. The winch, cable and target were roughly the same weight as the night fighter’s guns and radar equipment, so the TT Mk.20 had roughly the same performance as the Mk.11. The TT Mk.20 carried a crew of two, with the second crewman operating the winch and the cable cutter.

The prototype Mk.20 made its first flight on 5 December 1956. The type entered Fleet Air Arm service in 1958, with No.728 squadron at Hal Far, Malta, where it was used to tow gunnery targets for ship and shore batteries. Most of the aircraft served with the Fleet Requirements Unit at Hurn. They remained in service until 1970, when they were replaced by the Canberra TT Mk.18.

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