Gloster Meteor, Phil Butler and Tony Buttler

Gloster Meteor, Phil Butler and Tony Buttler

Britain's Celebrated First-Generation Jet

This is a very detailed look at the development and service career of the Gloster Meteor, the first British jet aircraft to enter service, and one of the most successful of the first generation jet fighters. It covers the history of the Meteor from its wartime development and brief combat career to the final unmanned drone and target towing versions, looking at the post war day fighters and night fighters on the way.

The detailed chapter on the development and prototypes of the Meteor is a particular strength of this book, although I would have liked more detail on the jet engine itself, particularly when different development engines are discussed.

The chapter on British Service includes seven pages of pilot's views of the Meteor, which give an unusually clear idea of what it was like to fly the aircraft. The Meteor also sold well overseas, and those sale and the careers of the aircraft involved is covered well.

The text is well supported by a large collection of photographs, including an impressive selection of colour pictures. The two appendices also provide good supporting information. This is a very valuable book for anyone with an interest in this important British aircraft.

1 Origins
2 Prototypes
3 Day Fighters and Trainers
4 Night Fighters and Target Tugs
5 British Service
6 Foreign Service
7 Engine Testbeds, Trials Aircraft, Drones and Civilian Meteors
8 In Detail

Appendix 1: Contracts and Serial Numbers
Appendix 2: RAF Meteor Squadrons and Other Units, with Representative Aircraft

Colour Section
Meteors in Colour
Squadron Markings

Author: Phil Butler and Tony Buttler
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 176
Publisher: Midland Publishing
Year: 2006

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