Gloster Meteor U Mk.16

The Gloster Meteor U Mk.16 was an unmanned target drone based on the F Mk.8. This was the second drone to be based on the Meteor, after the U Mk.15, which had been based on the F Mk.4. The first prototype U Mk.16 flew on 22 October 1956, while work on the U.15 ended quickly, the last U.16 conversion was made as late as 1972.

Gloster Meteor U Mk.16
Gloster Meteor U Mk.16

The U.16 carried their remote control equipment in a 30in nose extension. As with the U.15, they could be piloted, entirely remote controlled, or carry a non-piloting observer. As the number of U.16s dwindled work began on a system that allowed the test missile to miss by a pre-determined distance, allowing the drone to track the progress of the missile, and then return to the ground. Because of this a number of U Mk.15s survived to be redesigned D Mk.15 during 1980s (U for unmanned, D for drone). A number of F Mk.8s were converted to a similar standard for service in Australia as the U.21.

Gloster Meteor, Britain's Celebrated First-Generation Jet, Phil Butler and Tony Buttler. This is a detailed, well illustrated and well written look at the development and service history of the Gloster Meteor, both in British and overseas hands. The book covers the development of the E.28/39, Britain's first jet aircraft and the development of the Meteor, looks in detail at the prototype aircraft, the various versions of the Meteor and its British and overseas service careers. [see more]
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