Douglas A-20B Havoc

The Douglas A-20B was the first version of the Havoc to be produced in large numbers for the USAAF, but it lacked self-sealing fuel tanks and did not have enough armour. In October 1940 Douglas received an order for 999 A-20Bs, all of which were produced at their Long Beach factory. The A-20B resembled the French DB-7A, having the same square edged glass panels in the nose. The lack of self-sealing fuel tanks meant that the A-20B was not really suited for front line combat duties, although 665 were sent to the Soviet Union under lend-lease. Eight more went to the US Navy as the BD-2.

Douglas A-20B Havoc over Tunisia Douglas A-20B Havoc over Tunisia

The A-20B was powered by the same Wright R-2600-11 as the last few A-20As. It was armed with 0.50in Browning machine guns – two in the nose and one in the dorsal position, and one 0.30in gun in the ventral position. It could also carry the nacelle guns of the A-20A but these were rarely installed.

Douglas also received an order for 1,489 O-53 heavy observation aircraft, which would have been very similar to the A-20B, but none were built before that order was cancelled.

Engine: Wright R-2600-11 Double Cyclone
Power: 1,600hp at takeoff, 1,275 at 12,000ft
Crew: 3
Width: 61ft 4in
Length: 48ft 0in
Empty Weight: 14,830lb
Gross Weight: 21,000lb
Maximum weight: 23,800lb
Maximum speed: 350mph at 12,000ft
Cruising speed: 278mph
Ceiling: 28,600ft
Climb Rate: 5 minutes to 10,000ft
Range: 825 miles with 1,000lb bomb load, 2,300 miles ferry range with auxiliary tanks
Fuselage Guns: Two fixed 0.50in Browning Machine Guns
Dorsal Position: One 0.50in Browning Machine Guns
Ventral Position: One 0.30in Browning Machine Gun
Nacelle Position: Space for two 0.30in Browning Machine Guns
Normal Bomb Load: 1,500lb
Maximum Bomb Load: 2,400lb

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