Douglas A-20A Havoc

The Douglas A-20A was similar to the original A-20, but without the turbo-superchargers used on the earlier version of the Havoc. The Wright R-2600-3 engines used on most of the A-20As produced 1,600hp, while the removal of the turbo-supercharger had no impact on the performance of the A-20A at the low to medium level altitude at which it was expected to operate. 

The A-20A was similar to the British DB-7B with self-sealing fuel tanks and the diagonal edge to the nose glass. It was armed with 0.30in machine guns – two or four in the nose, two in the dorsal position and one in the ventral tunnel. Two orders were placed for the A-20A – first for 123 and then for 20 powered by the R-2600-11 engine. The A-20A made its maiden flight on 16 September 1940, and deliveries to the USAAF began in December. The first unit to receive the A-20A was the 3rd Light Bombardment Group, at Savannah Georgia, which began to receive aircraft in April 1941. One of the A-20As went to the US Navy, where it was given the designation BD-1 and used as a high speed target tug.

Douglas A-20 Havoc practising skip bombing
Douglas A-20 Havoc
practising skip bombing

Engine: Wright R-2600-11 Double Cyclone
Power: 1,600hp at takeoff, 1,275 at 12,000ft
Crew: 3
Width: 61ft 4in
Length: 47ft 7in
Empty Weight: 15,165lb
Gross Weight: 19,750lb
Maximum weight: 20,711lb
Maximum speed at 12,400ft: 347mph
Cruising speed: 295mph
Ceiling: 28,175ft
Climb Rate: 5 min 6 sec to 10,000ft
Range: 2,000 miles maximum, 525 miles with 2,400lb bomb load, 675 miles with 1,200lb bomb load,
Guns: 2 fixed 0.30in Browning machine guns in nose plus space for two more, two flexible 0.30in Browning machine guns in dorsal position and one in ventral position, room for one rear-firing 0.30in gun in each engine nacelle
Bomb load - Maximum: 2,400lb
Normal bomb load: 1,100lb internally

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