Galbraith Lowery Cole (1772 -1842)

Born in May 1772 in Dublin the second son of the Earl of Enniskillen, Lowery Cole began his military career with the 12th Light Dragoons in 1787. He served in the West Indies Campaign of 1794 and reached Lieutenant-Colonel the same year. Serving in the Egyptian campaign and becoming full Colonel in 1801 he also saw action in the Italian campaign of 1806 commanding a mixed brigade. He reached Major-General in 1808 and joined the British army in the Peninsular in 1809 as the Commander of the 4th Division. Although present his troops saw little action at Bussaco but he was more active after Marshal Massena's withdrawal, besieging Badajoz until forced to withdraw at the approach of Marshal Soult.

Lowery Cole made a key contribution to the battle of Albuera on 16th May 1811. His troops arrived in time to join the battle after a forced march and attacked the French left flank. His attack was lead by Fusiliers and Portuguese troops and despite being attacked by French cavalry, infantry and artillery and his being wounded he swept the French from the battlefield. After a brief period as an MP he returned to the Army in time for the Battle of Salamanca in 1812 where again he commanded the 4th Division and was once again wounded. He commanded the 4th Division in the Vittoria campaign by now a Lieutenant-General and fought at the battle of Roncesvalles in July 1813. He went on to fight in the battles of Nivelle and Toulouse but although Wellington asked for him as a Divisional commander in 1815 Cole was on his honeymoon and missed the battle of Waterloo. Cole was known as a kind and fair commander who had respect for all ranks and was popular with his men. After the Napoleonic Wars he became the Governor of the Cape (1828-33) and died on the 4th October 1842 aged 70.

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