Battle of the Kalka River, 1223

Taking place in the Southern Ukraine near the mouth of the Dniepr River the battle of Kalka River was part of the Mongol invasion of Russia between 1221-1224. The Mongol Commander Subatai smashed the Army of Prince Mstislav of Kiev despite the Russians outnumbering the Mongols 2 to 1 having 80,000 troops compared with an estimated 40,000 Mongols. The Battle was another example of Subatai's skilful leadership and left the Ukraine open to pillage for the Mongols even though Genghis Khan regarded the invasion as merely a reconnaissance in force.
Nicolle, Kalka RiverKalka River 1223, David Nicolle, Osprey, 2001, 96 pages. Kalka River is a historically important but little known battle in the west with the Mongol forces smashing a Russian army and opening up large areas of Eastern Europe for a Mongol conquest. [see more]
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Turnbull, Mongol WarriorThe Mongol Warrior, Stephen Turnbull, Osprey, 2003, 64 pages. Written by the leading expert on this period of Asian warfare in the West Dr Stephen Turnbull. The Mongols were one of the best armies in History and often misunderstood by people in the west, this book goes a long way to shedding some light on them [see more]
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