Mongol Warrior 1200-1350 , Stephen Turnbull

Mongol Warrior 1200-1350, Stephen Turnbull

A 64-page book from the Osprey warrior series, written by the leading expert on this period of Asian warfare in the West Dr Stephen Turnbull. The Mongols were one of the best armies in History and often misunderstood by people in the west, this book goes a long way to shedding some light on them. As usual with osprey it is illustrated to a very high standard with some stunning colour plates showing details of Mongol arms and armour and equipment as well as them in battle. Surprisingly the book also contains many modern photos which illustrate the Mongol way of life, as the Mongol way of life hasn't changed. The book also looks at how the Mongols adapted to different situations including the use of elephants and siege warfare. My only criticism is that the book is too short, as the topic deserves a much longer book.


The Mongols and their Empire
Recruitment and Training
Appearance and Dress
Daily life
Campaign Life
Mongol Steppe Tactics
Experience of Battle
Adaptations to terrain and situation

Author: Stephen Turnbull
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 64
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2003