Destroyer Evolution 1902-1920

Destroyer Evolution 1902-1920

Part one of a series of US Navy illustrations of the evolution of the destroyer covers 1902-1920 and shows the Bainbridge class destroyer USS Bainbridge (DD-1), the Sampson class destroyer USS Sampson (DD-63) and the Wickes class destroyer USS Ward (DD-139). This takes us from the first US destroyer, through the '1,000 tonners' and on to the mass produced flush deckers of the First World War and inter-war period.

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U.S. Destroyers: An Illustrated Design History, Norman Friedmann . The standard history of the development of American destroyers, from the earliest torpedo boat destroyers to the post-war fleet, and covering the massive classes of destroyers built for both World Wars. Gives the reader a good understanding of the debates that surrounded each class of destroyer and led to their individual features.
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