18 February 1944


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War at Sea

German submarine U-7 lost with all hands after an accident in the Baltic

German submarine U-406 lost in the North Atlantic


US fleet under Admiral Spruance attacks Truk leaving the airfields out of action, destroying numerous Japanese aircraft and sinking 200,000 tons of merchant ships, one cruiser and one destroyer

Allied destroyers bombard Rabaul and Kavieng

Eastern Front

German Army Group North withdraws from the Narva-Newel front

War in the Air

The RAF bombs Amiens prison in an attempt to free prisoners

Start of the "Little Blitz", a renewed period of Luftwaffe attacks on London

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The Quiet Admiral, A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance, Thomas B. Buell. This is widely considered to be the best biography of Spruance, currently available in this reissued edition. Buell nicely contrasts Spruance with Halsey, his co-commander of the combined third and fifth fleets from 1944, as well as looking at his handling of Midway, the battle that made his name.
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