16 November 1940


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The Italians retreat on the Pindus and Epirus fronts

War in the Air

RAF carries out daylight attacks on Cologne and Bremen and night raids on Hamburg and Antwerp

Luftwaffe carries out heavy attacks on the south coast and appear over the Hebrides for the first time

Ar Marshal A. S. Barratt is appointed to command the newly created RAF Army Cooperation Command

Eastern Front

Colonel General Heinz Guderian takes command of Second Panzer Army

Colonel General Hermann Hoth takes command of Third Panzer Army


Hitler's Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front, Robert Kirchubel. A 'unit history' written on the largest scale, tracing the campaigns fought by the four Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front, from their roles in the early German victories, to their eventual defeat and destruction in the ruins of the Reich. A very useful contribution to the literature on the Eastern Front. [read full review]
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