Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha/ Kei Sensha Cavalry Tank (Japan)

The Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha/ Kei Sensha/ Cavalry Tank was one of the first Japanese designed tanks to enter production. It had a good top speed, but was so poorly armoured that it was virtually useless in combat.

A variety of names will be found for this vehicle. Jyu-Sokosha translates as heavy armoured vehicle or armoured car. Kei Sensha translates as light tank. In English the Type 92 is normally referred to as either a cavalry tank or a heavy combat car.

The tank was armed with two 6.5 mm machine guns, one in the front of the superstructure and one in the turret. The hull gun could be replaced with a 13.2mm gun, while some later models mounted a 20mm cannon in the same position.

The Type 92 was internally divided into three compartments. The rear compartment contained the engine. The central “fighting” compartment held the simple turret and the tank commander and the forward compartment contained the driver and the front gunner.

As first built the suspension of the Type 92 Cavalry Tank was made up of six small road wheels on each side, attached to the chassis by semi-elliptical springs. This system was not a great success, and was soon replaced.

The new system used two bogies and four road wheels on each side, with to wheels on each bogie. The bogies suspension used a system of bell-cranks and helical-coil springs also used on Japanese tankettes.

The Type 92 cavalry tank was not a successful design, lacking the armour and firepower to act as a light tank, but larger than the more useful tankettes. A total of 167 were produced between 1933 and 1936.

2592 Type 92 Kei Sensha/ 2592 Gata 92 Kei Sensha
2592 Kei Sensha

Number produced:  167
Produced: 1933-1936
Length: 3.94m/ 12.85ft
Hull Width: 1.63m/ 5.33ft
Height: 1.87m/ 6.04ft
Crew: 3
Weight: 3.2 tons
Engine: 45hp
Max Speed: 21mph/ 40 km/h
Armament: 6.5mm machine gun in hull, 6.5mm then 13.2mm machine gun in turret
Armour: 6mm at thickest

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