Type 3 Ho-Ni III Gun Tank

The Type 3 Ho-Ni III was a Japanese tank destroyer and self-propelled gun produced by mounting a 75mm gun on the chassis of the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank. The Ho-Ni I and Ho-Ni II had been pure self-propelled artillery, with only a partly enclosed casement for the gun, making them very vulnerable in close combat.

In contrast the Type 3 Ho-Ni III carried a Type 90 75mm gun in a fully enclosed armoured casemate. This allowed it to be used as either a tank destroyer or in the same way as the Ho-Ni I and II as self propelled artillery. Fifty seven Ho-Ni IIIs were ordered from Hitachi, of which either 31 or 41 were completed. The Type 3 Ho-Ni III served with the tank regiments, although given its late entry into production may not have seen much combat.

Names (see article on Japanese tank designations)
Type 3 (1943) Ho-Ni III (Gun fourth III)

Number produced:  31 or 41
Produced: 1944-45
Length: 5.52m
Hull Width: 2.33m
Height: 2.39m
Crew: 5
Weight: 17 tons
Engine: 170hp Diesel
Max Speed: 38km/hr
Armament: Type 90 75mm gun
Armour: 25mm thickest

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