Siebel Si 201

The Siebel Si 201 was a very unconventional aircraft designed as a competitor to the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch. The Si 201 was a pusher aircraft, with a heavily glazed box-like forward fuselage. The wing was shoulder-mounted on the back of the main fuselage, and the Argus pusher engine was mounted above the wing. The tail assembly was connected to the main fuselage by a long narrow single boom mounted at the base of the fuselage.

The Si 201 was flown by General Ernst Udet, then head of the Reich Air Ministry's technical department. He was unimpressed with its ground handling and landing characteristics, essential elements in the success of the Storch. The Si 201 would also have been more costly to construct than the Fi 156. The Si 201 had a higher top speed than the Storch, but speed wasn't an important consideration for its expected roles, and work on the Si 201 stopped after two prototypes had been built.

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