Junkers Ju 86K

The Junkers Ju 86K was the designation given to the export version of the Ju 86 bomber. At lease eight different versions were produced, and were sold to Sweden, South Africa, Hungary, Austria, Chile, Portugal and Bolivia

Junkers Ju 86K-1

The designation Ju 86K-1 was given to three Pratt & Whitney Hornet powered aircraft that were sold to Sweden in December 1936, and to a single aircraft that was ordered for evaluation by the South Africa Air Force.

Junkers Ju 86K-2

One of the Swedish K-1s was later given skies, and the new designation K-2.

Junkers Ju 86K-2

The Ju 86K-3 was the designation given to a large number of aircraft ordered by Hungary and powered by Gnôme-Rhône 14k Mistral Major radial engines. The first twenty four aircraft were ordered in 1936, and the order was eventually expanded to sixty-three aircraft. Deliverers began in 1938, and some extra aircraft arrived in 1942. The K-2 saw service on the eastern front, until in 1942 a lack of numbers meant it had to be withdrawn.

Junkers Ju 86K-4

The Ju 86K-4 was the designation given two twenty Bristol Pegasus III aircraft ordered by Sweden, where they were designated the Ju 86 B3A.

Junkers Ju 86K-5

Another batch of Swedish aircraft were powered by the Bristol Pegasus XII, with the German designation K-5 and the Swedish designation B3B.

Junkers Ju 86K-6

The designation Ju 86K-6 was given to twelve aircraft ordered on 2 September 1937 by Chile and ten ordered in 1938 by Portugal. They were Pratt & Whitney Hornet powered medium bombers, used in Portugal to equip Grupe de Bombardemento de Dia, based in Alverca.

Junkers Ju 86K-9

The Ju 86K-9 was a version of the aircraft powered by Gnôme-Rhône radials

Junkers Ju 86K-13

The Ju 86K-13 was the designation given to thirteen aircraft manufactured under licence by SAAB in Sweden. They were powered by Bristol Pegasus engines, also built under licence in Sweden. Construction began on 3 November and the first aircraft made its maiden flight in August 1939. Early aircraft were powered by the Pegasus III, later aircraft by the Pegasus XXIV.

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