Junkers Ju 86G

The Junkers Ju 86G was the final version of the aircraft to be produced as a standard medium bomber, and was given a new nose that greatly improved visibility from the cockpit.

The new nose was fully glazed, and somewhat resembled a longer version of the nose used on the Ju 88A. The cockpit itself was moved forward and given a more compact canopy. This change meant that the nose turret was removed, but a single machine gun could be installed in the centre of the nose. The Ju 86G-1 was otherwise similar to the E-2, and was powered by the BMW 132 radial engine.

The new nose was installed on Ju 86 V 10, one of the original A-0 pre-production aircraft, which underwent flight tests in May 1938. Forty production aircraft were built, before in the summer of 1938 production of the standard Ju 86 was cancelled.

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