Junkers Ju 86D

The Junkers Ju 86D was the second production version of the Ju 86 bomber and differed from the Ju 86A mainly in having a 42cm extension at the rear of the fuselage.

Junkers Ju 86D in flight
Junkers Ju 86D in flight

The Junkers Ju 86A had suffered from poor stability in flight. Early in 1936 one aircraft from the A-0 pre-production series, Ju 86 V 6, was fitted with a 42cm long extension that extended back beyond the end of the fuselage in an attempt to solve this problem. The V 6 made its maiden flight in March 1936.

This change was incorporated in the Ju 86D-1, which also featured a larger fuel tank. Production aircraft began to appear in the autumn of 1936. In the summer of 1937 the D-1 became the first version of the Ju 86 to see combat when five were sent to Spain to support Franco. These aircraft were used by VB/88, and proved to be disappointing. The main problems were the diesel engines, which didn't respond quickly to changes in power, making them unsuited to use in combat. They also proved to be difficult to keep operations.

As a result one D-1 was used to test the BMW 132F engine, a licence built version of the Pratt & Whitney Hornet (this aircraft was apparently given the designation V 9, but was a different aircraft to an earlier V 9 that had been used as a reconnaissance machine). The V 9 became the prototype for the Junkers Ju 86E.

Engine: Jumo 205 diesel
Crew: Three
Wing span: 73ft 9 ¾ in (22.5m)
Length: 57ft 8 7/8 in (17.6m)
Height: 15ft 5in (4.7m)
Empty Weight: 11,795lb (5,355kg)
Normal loaded weight: 17,750lb (8,050kg)
Maximum loaded weight: 18,080lb (8,200kg)
Max Speed: 186mph at sea level
Cruising Speed: 171mph at 3,280ft
Service Ceiling: 19,360ft (5,900m)
Range: 932 miles (1,500km) with auxiliary tanks

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