Heinkel He 111J

The Heinkel He 111J was the last version of the He 111 to feature the original stepped nose used in early versions of the bomber. It was designed as a torpedo bomber for use by the Kriegsmarine, and could carry two 765kg/ 1686.5lb torpedoes or 2000kg/ 4409 lbs of sea mines on attachments under the fuselage. Ten J-0s were built to this specification before the navy decided it no longer wanted the torpedo bombers. Eighty He 111J-1s were then built as normal bombers with internal bomb bays. The type served as a training aircraft between 1939 and 1944.

Heinkel He 111, Ron Mackay (Crowood Aviation). A comprehensive look at one of the most famous German aircraft of the Second World War, taking us through its pre-war development, its time as the Luftwaffe's most important bomber early in the war, to its long decline and the eventual collapse of the German bomber force.[see more]
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