Fieseler Fi 156C

The Fieseler Fr 156C was the main production version of the Storch, and initially differed from the A series in having the ability to carry a single aft-firing 7.9mm MG15 machine gun.


The C-0 was the pre-production version of the C series. The rear of the cockpit glazing was raised, and a circular lens mounting was added, capably of carrying a single 7.9mm MG15 machine gun.


The Fi 156C-1 was the first production version of the C series, and lacked the machine gun. Instead it was a standard 3-seat unarmed staff transport and liaison aircraft, similar to the A-1.


The C-2 was the first production version of the Storch to carry the machine gun as standard. It normally carried a crew of two - pilot and gunner/ observer, but also had a seat for a third crew member. The C-2 could also carry a vertical camera in the rear of the cockpit in place of the third crew member. Late production aircraft could carry a stretch in the rear, and had the capacity to use skies in place of wheels.


The C-3 was a multi-purpose version of the aircraft, with all of the features introduced during the production run of the C-2. Late production aircraft used a more powerful 270hp Argus As 10P engine.

C-3/ Trop

The C-3/ Trop was produced for use in the deserts of North Africa and the dusty steppes of Southern Russia. The machine gun was removed, internal dust filters were installed and a desert survival kit was carried. The C-3/ Trop and C-5/ Trop were the most common versions found in RAF service.


Not used


The C-5 has the 270 Argus As 10P engine as standard. It could also carry a 22 gallon drop tank under the fuselage, extending its range from 248 miles to 628 miles. It was used extensively in North Africa, where that extra range was invaluable.

C-5/ Trop

The C-5/ Trop was the tropical version for the C-5, with internal dust filters and desert survival equipment.

Fi 156C-2
Engine: Argus As 10C-3 eight cylinder air-cooled
Power: 240hp
Crew: 3
Wing span: 46ft 9in
Length: 32ft 6in
Height: 10ft
Empty Weight: 2,050lb
Loaded Weight: 2,920lb
Max Speed: 109mph at sea level
Cruising Speed: 81mph or 93mph at 3,280ft
Climb rate: 905ft/ minute
Service Ceiling:  15,090ft
Range: 248 miles at 93 mph at 3,280ft
Armament: One flexibly mounted 7.9mm MG 15 in rear of cabin

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