Fairey Firefly T.2

The Fairey Firefly T.2 was a tactical weapons trainer based on the unarmed Firefly T.1. It was similar to the T.1, and had a second raised cockpit in place of the normal observer's position, but differed from it in that it retained two of the four 20mm cannon, and could carry 500lb bombs, practise bombs, flares, mines or smoke floats. Production began in 1949 and fifty seven F.1s and FR.1s were converted to the T.2 standard at Fairey's Stockport factory. The first conversion made its maiden flight on 12 August 1949.

Most of the T.2s were used by the Naval Air Anti-Submarine School at Eglinton, where they were used for the instrument flying and anti-submarine weapons training components of the Operation Flying School Training Part II Course. The Firefly T.2 was used for this role until the mid 1950s when it was replaced by the Sea Vampire and Gannet.

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