Fairey Firefly AS.6

The Fairey Firefly AS.6 was a dedicated anti-submarine version of the aircraft, sacrificing defensive armament for an improved anti-submarine capability.

The AS.6 had its 20mm cannon removed. In return it had hard points on the wings that could carry sixteen 3in rockets (eight under each wing in two rows of four), sonobuoys, depth charges or mines.

The first sixteen AS.6s were produced by converting AS.5s on the production. They were followed by 133 newly built AS.6s, for a total of 149 aircraft completed as AS.6s. Another 56 Mk.5s were converted to the AS.6 standard. The first production aircraft made its maiden flight on 23 march 1949.

The Firefly AS.6 entered service with No.814 Squadron, in January-February 1951. The AS.6 served with a series of anti-submarine squadrons, spending much of its time operating in the North Sea or the Mediterranean, watching for Soviet submarines. It was finally withdrawn in 1955 and replaced by the Fairey Gannet, which had been designed as an anti-submarine weapon.

Engine: Griffon 74
Power: 2,004hp at take-off, 2,245hp at altitude
Crew: 2
Wing span: 41ft 17in
Length: 37ft 11in
Height: 13ft 11in
Empty Weight: 9,674lb
Loaded Weight: 16,096lb
Max Speed: 386mph at 14,000ft
Cruising Speed:
Service Ceiling: 31,900ft
Range: 760 miles
Armament: none
Bomb-load: Sixteen 60lb rockets or two 2,000lb bombs

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