Douglas C-42

Like the C-41 the Douglas C-42 was the designation given to a single transport aircraft similar to the C-39, with the fuselage of the DC-2 but the tail and wing centre section of the DC-3. It was identical to the C-41 other than in the use of less powerful 1,000hp Wright Cyclone engines, although these still gave it a better cruising speed than the C-39. The C-41 was used by the Commanding General, Air Force GHQ. During the Second World War two C-39s were converted to the C-42 standard, and were used as Staff and VIP transports. 

Engines: Wright Cyclone x2
Power: 1,000hp
Wing span: 85ft 0in
Length: 61ft 6in
Height: 18ft 8in
Empty weight: 15,712lb
Loaded weight: 21,000lb
Maximum weight: 23,625lb
Maximum speed: 214 mph at 5,000ft
Cruising speed: 170mph at 5,000ft
Service ceiling: 22,000ft
Normal range: 1,000 miles
Maximum range: 1,600 miles

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