Carro Armato Celere Sahariano

The Carro Armato Celere Sahariano (Quick Tank for the Sahara) was an Italian copy of the British Crusader cruiser tank that reached the prototype stage. When the Italians first encountered the Crusader they admired its speed which gave it the ability to appear from entirely unexpected directions. It was decided to produce a virtual copy for Italian service. The new tank was very similar in shape and size to the Crusader, and shared its Christie suspension. Like the Crusader it was fast, with a top speed of 44mph, nearly twice that of the existing Italian medium tanks (M 13-40 and M 14-41). The prototype was completed early in 1943, but by then the North African campaign was nearly over. The tank was specifically designed for use in the desert and so the entire project was cancelled.

Weight: 18 tons
Crew: 4
Armament: 47mm gun in prototype, 75mm gun planned for production
Engine: 250hp petrol engine
Top Speed: 44mph

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