Douglas XA-26F Invader

The Douglas XA-26F was a jet-augmented version of the Invader, powered by two 2,100hp R-2800-83 radial engines and by a General Electric J31 turbojet. The jet was installed in the rear fuselage, with the air intake above the fuselage and the jet exhaust in the tail. The engine took up the space normally occupied by the gunner and the two remote controlled turrets, while the jet fuel was carried at the back of the bomb bay.

When all three engines were used the top speed of the Invader rose to 435mph, only 30mph quicker than the entirely piston-engined A-26D. This was not a big enough improvement to warrant any further development, but the single XA-26F did remain in use as a test bed until the early 1950s.

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