USS Fargo (CL-106)

USS Fargo (CL-106) was the name-ship of the small Fargo class of light cruisers. She entered service just after the end of the Second World War, and entered the reserve after a short post-war career.

The Fargo class was a modification of the Cleveland class, with a single funnel, lower gun positions and modified superstructure. A large number were ordered, but only the Fargo and the Huntington were completed. Fargo was laid down in August 1943, but work proceeded more slowly than on most Cleveland class ships, and she wasn't launched until February 1945. She was commissioned on 9 December 1945, three months after the end of the Second World War.

USS Fargo (CL-106) at Trieste, 29 June 1946
USS Fargo (CL-106) at Trieste, 29 June 1946

Mess Deck on USS Fargo (CL-106)
Mess Deck on USS Fargo (CL-106)

The Fargo's short service career began with a good will cruise in the Caribbean and South American. On 31 May 1946 she set sail for the Mediterranean, where she remained until March 1947. During this period she carried out a series of good will visits, as well as serving as the American representative at Trieste, then claimed by both Italy and Yugoslavia.

The Fargo spent a second tour in the Mediterranean between May and September 1947, serving as flagship, Commander, Naval Forces Mediterranean, for a month during this period. After her return to the US she exercised with the Atlantic Fleet. She returned to the Mediterranean for two more tours of duty in 1948-1949, before on 14 February 1950 she was decommissioned and placed in the reserve fleet. She was stricken from the Navy List in 1970.

Displacement (standard)


Displacement (loaded)


Top Speed



11,000nm at 15kts

Armour – belt


 - armour deck


 - bulkheads


 - barbettes


 - turrets

6.5in face
3in top
3in side
1.5in rear

 - conning tower

2.25in roof


610ft 1in oa


Twelve 6in/47 guns (four triple turrets)
Twelve 5in/38 guns (six double positions)
Twenty eight 40mm guns
Twenty one AA 20mm guns
Four aircraft

Crew complement



New York SB

Laid down

23 August 1943


25 February 1945


9 December 1945


1 March 1970

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