T94 250mm Mortar Motor Carriage

The T94 250mm Mortar Motor Carriage was a design for a version of the M40 155mm gun motor carriage that was to be armed with a huge muzzle loaded mortar. The M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage had been used successfully in France after D-Day, and early in 1944 one of the prototype M40s was tested out in combat during the battle for Cologne.

On 15 March 1945, encouraged by these successes, the Ordnance Committee authorised a study into the possibility of mounting a 10in (250mm) muzzle loaded mortar on the M40 chassis. A mock-up of the new vehicle was produced, using a wooden model of the mortar to replace the 155mm gun and with storage for 20 rounds of ammo. A crane had to be installed to lift the heavy shells into the muzzle loaded gun. The T94 was originally authorized as the T94 10in Mortar Motor Carriage, but this was later altered to the metric 250mm as part of a general army policy.

After the end of the Second World War the US army lost interest in the T94, and the project was cancelled in January 1946.

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