T26 75mm Gun Motor Carriage

The T26 75mm Gun Motor Carriage was an unsuccessful design for a self propelled anti-aircraft that failed because of problems with the gun.

In October 1941 the Ordnance Committee proposed mounting the 75mm gun T6 (later standardised as the M2 tank gun), a low velocity anti-antiaircraft gun, on the chassis of the Medium Tank M3.

The T26 was to carry its gun in a fully traversing turret. It was to be given a comprehensive set of control equipment, including the computer T9, remote control system T8, fuze setter T30, telescopes T27 and T28 and a generating unit T12.

In November 1941 one M3 was allocated to the project, but the project now began to run into problems. The T6 gun proved to be an ineffective anti-aircraft gun, and its low velocity defeated hopes that the T26 might have been a useful tank destroyer. The T26 project was cancelled in April 1942, and the M3 chassis was allocated to the T36 40mm gun motor carriage project.  

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