Siemens-Schuckert Werke S.S.W. E IV

The Siemens-Schuckert Werke S.S.W. E IV was the designation given to a version of the S.S.W. E III that would have had a circular fuselage cross section.

The S.S.W. E I was a shoulder winged monoplane with a flat sided fuselage and powered by a Siemens-Halske Sh.I rotary engine. One prototype and twenty production aircraft were built. It was followed by six S.S.W. E IIIs, which were very similar but used a Oberursel U I rotary engine in place of the Siemens engine.

The S.S.W. E IV would have been another shoulder winged monoplane, again powered by the Siemens engine, but with a new fuselage with a circular cross section. None were built. 

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