Siemens-Schuckert Werke S.S.W. E III

The Siemens-Schuckert Werke S.S.W. E III was a monoplane fighter based on the S.S.W. E I, but that was powered by an Oberursel engine in place of the Siemens rotary engine used on the E I.

Like the E I, the E III was a conventional shoulder winged monoplane, with a plywood covered fuselage and fabric covered wings. It used wing warping

The E III was powered by the Oberursel U I rotary engine. This was a copy of the Gnome Monosoupape rotary engine, and was used in the Fokker E.II and Fokker E.III monoplanes. The new engine increased the weight of the aircraft by a fairly trivial 11lb, and its performance was similar to that of the E I. As a result the E III was also soon obsolete, and no further production followed. The E IV, which would have used the same engine but have a fuselage with a circular cross section, wasn't built.

Engine: Oberursel U I
Power: 100hp
Crew: 1
Empty weight: 1,054lb
Loaded weight: 1,495lb
Maximum take-off weight:
Armament: One Spandau machine gun

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