Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2g

The Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2g was the designation given to existing B.E.2ds that had been modified to the B.E.2e standard by giving them the unequal span wings and modified tail of the newer design. Originally these aircraft had been redesignated as B.E.2es, but this caused a certain amount of confusion in the field, as they were visually identical to the B.E.2e but had the same internal layout as the B.E.2d. This meant that they had the dual controls and extra fuel of the B.E.2d, making them slower than aircraft converted from the B.E.2c. In October 1916 the RFC decided to reclassify aircraft with the B.E.2d fuselage and B.E.2e wings as the B.E.2g. The RFC ordered at least 650 B.E.2ds, many of which were eventually delivered as B.E.2gs.

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