Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2d

The Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2d was a version of the B.E.2c with dual controls and a modified fuel system that was produced in small numbers between October 1915 and early 1916. The modified fuel system had to be introduced to make space for the cables required for the observer's controls. The main fuel tank had to be moved from its location under the observer's seat into a new position under the upper port wing. A second gravity fed fuel tank was added between the two cockpits and the pressure tank behind the engine was increased in capacity from fourteen to nineteen gallons. This change increased the total fuel capacity of the aircraft from 32 gallons to 41 gallons.

Despite the extra weight the B.E.2d is generally recorded as having been slightly faster than the B.E.2c, but its rate of climb suffered horribly, with the time to 3,000ft doubling from 6 minutes on the 2c to 12 minutes on the 2d. This poor rate of climb, combined with the dual controls, meant that the relatively small number of B.E.2ds that were produced were normally used for training.

At least 650 B.E.2ds were ordered, starting in October 1915, but early in 1916 all outstanding orders were changed to the B.E.2e. Some aircraft were delivered with the fuel system of the 2d and dual controls. After October 1916 these aircraft were given the designation B.E.2g. Others were delivered as standard B.E.2es.

Wingspan: 36 feet 10 inches
Length: 27 feet 3inches
Empty Weight: 1,370lbs
Maximum Weight: 2,142lbs
Engine: 90hp RAF 1a liquid cooled engine
Max. Speed: 88mph at sea level, 75mph at 6,500ft
Ceiling: 7,000 feet
Climb rate: 12 minutes to 3,000ft.

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