OT-130 Flamethrower Tank

The OT-130 was a second flamethrower tank based on the T-26 light tank, this time using the single turreted T-26 Model 1933. They were produced from 1939 by rebuilding existing T-26s, at first with the same Model 1933 flame thrower as the OT-26, but later with the Model 1938 flame thrower. The OT-130 carried 360 litres of fuel for the flame thrower. This gave the Model 1939 the ability to first 40 six second long bursts with a range of 45-50 metres, or a 10-25 second burst with a range of 100 metres using a special compressor. The Model 1938 had a shortened armour flame projector and was mounted in a redesigned mantlet.

Russian Tanks of World War II, Stalin's Armoured Might, Tim Bean and Will Fowler. A good overview of the development of Soviet Tanks from the early models based on British and American originals to the excellent Russian designed T-34 and the heavy IS tanks. Bean and Fowler also look at the development of Soviet tank doctrine, the impact of Stalin's purges on the tank forces, and their use in combat from the small-scale clashes in the Far East to the apocalyptic fighting on the Eastern Front between 1941-45. A little lacking on precise details of the sub-variants of some of the tanks, but otherwise very good.
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