Douglas JD Invader

The Douglas JD Invader was the designation given to 141 Douglas A-26 Invaders that were operated by the US Navy as utility aircraft, target tugs and target drone launching and controlling aircraft. One A-26B was converted into the XJD-1 in 1945, and it was followed by 140 bombardier-nosed A-26Cs which were designated as the JD-1. These aircraft were operated in the Navy's training areas by Utility Squadrons VU-3, 4, 7 and 10.

Those aircraft that were converted to control KD target drones became known as the JD-1D. In 1962, when the Air Force and Navy aircraft designation systems were combined, the remaining JD-1s were redesignated as UB-26Js and the JD-1Ds as DB-26Js.

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