Consolidated B-24M Liberator

The Consolidated B-24M Liberator was the final production version of the aircraft, and was produced by the two remaining Liberator factories – Consolidated at San Diego and Ford at Willow Run. Unlike late production B-24Ls, the B-24M carried a lightweight A-6B turret as standard, with some also carrying a ball turret.

Production began at both plants in December 1944. By the time construction ended in June 1945 Consolidated had built 916 aircraft and Willow Run 1,677. The only significant change during the production run was the introduction of an improved cockpit canopy in block 20, designed to improve visibility.

For a short period the B-24M designation was used to describe 115 late production B-24Ls built by Ford without a tail turret. These aircraft were then redesignated as B-24Ls, matching similar aircraft produced by Consolidated at San Diego.

Consolidated B-24M Liberator 44-42252
Consolidated B-24M Liberator 44-42252
 Consolidated B-24 Liberator (Crowood Aviation), Martin W. Bowman. A well balanced book that begins with a look at the development history of the B-24, before spending nine out of its ten chapters looking at the combat career of the aircraft in the USAAF, the US Navy and the RAF.
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