Battle of Hochkirch, 14 October 1758

Prussian defeat during the Seven Years War. Frederick II had allowed his forced to become too spread out, in part because he believed his Austrian opponent, Leopold von Daun, was too cautious to attack him. However, for once he was
Battles of the Seven Years War: Central Europe
Battles of the
Seven Years War
Central Europe
wrong, and von Daun was able to use his overwhelming advantage in numbers to good effect, for some time threatening to destroy the Prussian army once and for all. Luckily for Frederick, one of his cavalry generals, Hans. J von Ziethen, was able to open an escape route for the Prussian army, which managed to escape leaving most of it's artillery and 9,500 dead behind. The Austrian army also suffered heavily, taking 8,000 casualties, and von Daun re-earned his cautious reputation by failing to take any advantage of Frederick's weakened state.

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