94th Bombardment Wing (Second World War)

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The 94th Bombardment Wing was a B-17 wing within the Eighth Air Force and took part in the strategic bombing campaign in Europe from December 1943 until April 1945.

The 94th Bombardment Wing was officially activated on 12 December 1943, but it really inherited the existing structure of the 92nd Bombardment Group, which had flown its first combat sortie on 11 December 1943. The 94th inherited its two bombardment groups, commanding officer and base from the 92nd Wing and was thus able to enter combat almost immediatly.

The 351st Bombardment Group already had some combat experience, having flown its first missions in May 1943. The 401st was less experienced, having made its combat debut on 26 November 1943. Its third group, the 457th, had no prior experience when it made its combat debut on 21 February 1944.

The wing was commanded by Brig Gen Julius K Lacey from its formation until June 1945. After the war Lacey went on to command the 15th Bombardment Training Wing (from July 1945) and then the Second Air Force (November 1945-February 1946).

The wing and both of its groups were awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation for their role in an attack on a German aircraft factory on 11 January 1944. The wing took part in the main strategic bombing campaign, but also performed some tactica raids, in particular during the fighting in Normandy in 1944.

After the end of the war the group was inactivated on 18 June 1945, and all three of its groups soon followed.


1943-45: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress


2 November 1943 Constituted as 94th Combat Bombardment Wing (Heavy)
12 December 1943 Activated in England
18 June 1945 Disbanded in England

Commanders (with date of appointment)

Brig Gen Julius K Lacey: 12 Dec 1943
Col Eugene A Romig: 6-15 June 1945

Main Bases

Polebrook, England: 12 Dec 1943
Alconbury, England: 12-18 Jun 1945

Component Units

94th Bombardment Wing, 1943-1945
Group Dates Aircraft Used 2 3 4 5
351st Bombardment Group 1943-45 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress        
401st Bombardment Group 1943-45 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress        
457th Bombardment Group 1944-45 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress        

Assigned To

1943-1944: 1st Air Division; VIII Bomber Command; Eighth Air Force
1944-1945: 1st Air Division; Eighth Air Force; US Strategic Air Forces Europe

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