No. 89 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.89 Squadron spent the entire Second World War operating as a night-fighter squadron on overseas stations, first in the Middle East and later over Burma.

The squadron formed at Colerne on 25 September 1941, and was equipped with the Bristol Beaufighter. In November, after a short period of training, the squadron flew out to the Middle East, and in December it began to fly defensive night patrols. Detachments operated from Malta (June 1942) and along the North African Coast, and the detachment on Malta added night intruder missions to its defensive duties.

In October 1943 the squadron moved to Ceylon, from where it flew defensive patrols. In August 1944 the squadron moved to Baigachi, and in September it began to fly night intruder missions over Burma. Mosquitoes arrived in February 1945, and were flown until the end of the war.

September 1941-October 1944: Bristol Beaufighter I
July 1942-April 1945: Bristol Beaufighter VI
February-April 1945: de Havilland Mosquito VI
April 1945-March 1946: de Havilland Mosquito XIX

September-November 1941: Colerne

November-December 1941: Kilo 17
December 1941-January 1943: Abu Sueir
January-March 1943: Bersis
March-August 1943: Castel Benito
August-September 1943: Bu Amud
September-October 1943: Idku

October 1943-March 1944: Vavuniya
March-June 1944: Minneriya
June-August 1944: Vavuniya
August 1944-September 1945: Baigachi
September 1945-May 1946: Seletar

Squadron Codes: T, X

Night Fighter: Middle East 1941-1943; Ceylon 1943-44; Burma 1944-45.


Bristol Beaufighter, Jerry Scutts (Crowood Aviation). A detailed look at the development and service career of the Bristol Beaufighter, the first dedicated night fighter to enter RAF Service. Superceded by the Mosquito in that role, the Beaufighter went on to serve as a deadly anti-shipping weapon, and to earn the nickname "whispering death" over the jungles of Burma.
cover cover cover

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