VRML Map of Battle of Trafalgar
VRML Map of the Battle of Trafalgar at Noon

This map shows the location of the British, Spanish and French ships at Noon, just before the first British ships reached the Franco-Spanish lines. Three viewpoints are provided - a birdseye view of the entire battle, the view from the Victory, and the view of the British fleet from the French lines.

If you do not have a VRML browser, there are several freely available browsers to download, including Cortona, and Octaga, both of which have been tested with this map. Recent versions of Internet Explorer will block access to this map by default. If you get a message telling you that explorer has 'restricted this file from showing active content', click on that message and allow blocked content. If your VRML browser starts, but the view is blank, make sure your browser's headlight is turned on.

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