Weapons of the Second World War

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Other Nations

20mm quad AA Tank, Skink (Canada)
Cruiser Tank, Grizzly Mk I (Canada)
Cruiser Tank, Ram Mk I (Canada)
Cruiser Tank, Ram Mk II (Canada)
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC I (Australia)
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC II (Australia)
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC III (Australia)
Cruiser Tank, Sentinel AC IV (Australia)
F & W C 3605 Schlepp target-tug (Switzerland)
Fokker T.VIII-W (Holland)
Grizzly Mk I, Cruiser Tank (Canada)
MÁVAG Héja II (Hungary)
Morane-Saulnier Mörkö (Finland)
Niagara, HMCS/ USS Thatcher, USS (DD-162) (Canada)
Northrop N-3PB floatplane patrol-bomber (Norway)
Ram Mk I, Cruiser Tank (Canada)
Ram Mk II, Cruiser Tank (Canada)
St. Clair, HMCS/ USS Williams (DD-108) (Canada)
Sentinel AC I, Cruiser Tank (Australia)
Sentinel AC II, Cruiser Tank (Australia)
Sentinel AC III, Cruiser Tank (Australia)
Sentinel AC IV, Cruiser Tank (Australia)
Sexton Tracked Self-Propelled 25 pounder (Canada)
Skink, 20mm quad AA Tank (Canada)
Tracked Self-Propelled 25 pounder, Sexton (Canada)