Subject Index: RAF Squadrons, Second World War: Nos.1-99

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Second World War

Second World War

This index includes those RCAF and RAAF squadrons that were under RAF operational command.

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No. 1 Squadron (RAF) Fighter Command
No. 2 Squadron (RAF) Army Cooperation, Tactical Reconnaissance
No. 3 Squadron (RAF) Army Cooperation, Tactical Reconnaissance
No. 4 Squadron (RAF)
No. 5 Squadron (RAF)India
No. 6 Squadron (RAF)Mediterranean
No. 7 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 8 Squadron (RAF)Middle East (Aden)
No. 9 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 10 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 11 Squadron (RAF)India, Middle East, Greece
No. 12 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 13 Squadron (RAF)Army Cooperation, then North Africa and Italy
No. 14 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Squadron then Anti-submarine warfare, Middle East
No. 15 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 16 Squadron (RAF)Army Cooperation then Tactical Reconnaissance
No. 17 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command then Far East
No. 18 Squadron (RAF)Medium Bomber squadron: France, North Africa and Italy
No. 19 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command
No. 20 Squadron (RAF) India army co-operation and ground attack
No. 21 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command, to Coastal Command June 1940-March 1942
No. 22 Squadron (RAF)Coastal Command 1939-42, Far East 1942-45
No. 23 Squadron (RAF)Night Fighter, defensive to 1940, intruder from 1940-45
No. 24 Squadron (RAF)Communications squadron, then Ferry Command
No. 25 Squadron (RAF)Night Fighter
No. 26 Squadron (RAF)Army co-operation then tactical reconnaissance and low level intruder duties
No. 27 Squadron (RAF)Fighter squadron Malaya, then ground attack Burma
No. 28 Squadron (RAF)Army co-operation then tactical reconnaissance, Burma
No. 29 Squadron (RAF)Night Fighter
No. 30 Squadron (RAF)Bomber, Egypt, Greece and Crete, Fighter Greece and Far East
No. 31 Squadron (RAF)Transport, India
No. 32 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command 1939-1942, Mediterranean 1942-1945
No. 33 Squadron (RAF) Fighter Squadron North Africa 1939-1944, Invasion of Europe 1944-1945
No. 34 Squadron (RAF)Bomber squadron, Singapore; Bomber then Fighter-Bomber squadron, India and Burma
No. 35 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 36 Squadron (RAF)Torpedo Bomber, Singapore then anti-submarine from India, North Africa, UK
No. 37 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 38 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 39 Squadron (RAF)Mritime reconnaissance and anti-shipping squadron, Mediterranean.
No. 40 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 41 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command then 2nd TAF
No. 42 Squadron (RAF)Coastal Command 1939-42, Bomber then fighter-bomber Burma 1943-45
No. 43 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command 1939-1942, North Africa and Italy 1942-1945
No. 44 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 45 Squadron (RAF)Bomber squadron, North Africa, then fighter-bomber squadron, Burma
No. 46 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command 1939-1941, Mediterranean 1942-1944, Transport Command 1945
No. 47 Squadron (RAF) East Africa 1939-40, Anti-submarine and shipping 1941-44, Ground attack Burma 1945
No. 48 Squadron (RAF)Coastal Command 1939-42, Gibraltar 1942-44, Transport Command 1944-45
No. 49 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 50 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 51 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 52 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command then Iraq, the Mediterranean and finally India
No. 53 Squadron (RAF)Reconnaissance, then Anti-submarine patrols
No. 54 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command then Australia
No. 55 Squadron (RAF)Day Bomber, North Africa and Italy
No. 56 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command, then 2nd Tactical Air Force
No. 57 Squadron (RAF) Air Component, BEF then Bomber Command
No. 58 Squadron (RAF)Coastal Command
No. 59 Squadron (RAF)Reconnaissance then Coastal Command
No. 60 Squadron (RAF) Bomber then Fighter-Bomber, Far East
No. 61 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 62 Squadron (RAF)Bomber, then General Reconnaissance, then Air Supply, all Far East
No. 63 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 64 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command 1939-44, Bomber Escort 1944-45
No. 65 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command, 2nd Tactical Air Force, then Bomber Escort
No. 66 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command, 2nd Tactical Air Force
No. 67 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Squadron, India and Burma
No. 68 Squadron (RAF)Night Fighter
No. 69 Squadron (RAF)Reconnaissance, Malta then UK
No. 70 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Squadron, North Africa then Italy
No. 71 Squadron (RAF) Fighter Squadron (American crews, 'Eagle' Squadron)
No. 72 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Squadron: Britain 1939-42, North Africa, Italy 1942-45
No. 73 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Squadron: France 1939-40, Britain 1940; North Africa, Italy, Balkans 1940-45
No. 74 Squadron (RAF) Fighter Command, then Middle East, then Normandy and Northern Europe
No. 75 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 76 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 77 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 78 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 79 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command 1939-1942, Burma 1942-1945
No. 80 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Squadron: Middle East, Greece 1939-44; Northern Europe 1944-45
No. 81 Squadron (RAF) Communications Squadron 1940; Fighter Squadron Russia, Britain, North Africa, India 1941-45
No. 82 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 83 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 84 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Squadron: Greece, North Africa, Sumatra, 1940-42; Dive-bomber squadron Burma early 1944
No. 85 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command (Night fighters)
No. 86 Squadron (RAF)Coastal Command: Convoy Escort, 1941; Minelaying 1941; Anti-shipping strikes 1942, Anti-submarine patrols 1943-45
No. 87 Squadron (RAF) BEF, France: 1939-May 1940; Fighter Command: 1940-1942; North Africa 1942-43; Italy 1943-45
No. 88 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 89 Squadron (RAF) Night Fighter: Middle East 1941-1943; Ceylon 1943-44; Burma 1944-45.
No. 90 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 91 Squadron (RAF)Reconnaissance Squadron 1941, Fighter Squadron 1941-45
No. 92 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Command,
No. 93 Squadron (RAF)'Pandora' Mine night 'fighters': 1940-1941, Fighter Squadron: North Africa, Italy, Southern France: 1942-1945
No. 94 Squadron (RAF)Fighter Squadron, Aden, North Africa and Greece
No. 95 Squadron (RAF) 1941-45: Anti-submarine patrols, West Africa
No. 96 Squadron (RAF)Transport Command
No. 97 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 98 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command
No. 99 Squadron (RAF)Bomber Command

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