Doncaster in the Great War, Symeon Mark Waller

Doncaster in the Great War, Symeon Mark Waller

The book begins with a look at the pre-war period, and in particular the activities of the various military units with ties to Doncaster, followed by some of their early experiences in France. After that the book doesn't follow the events at the front in any detail, but instead looks at them as they impact on Doncaster.

The general tone of the book is more anecdotal than analytical - we don't get a proper study of how the mining industry was affected, or how many men were taken away from Doncaster. Instead the focus is on the impact of news from the front or war related activities in Doncaster and the surrounding villages.  There are some mentions of the need to replace individuals as they were lost at the front, but this is more on their long-term post-war replacements rather than on the war period, as they were already away from work before being killed. The main focus is inevitably on the human cost of the war, with a constant drip feed of bad news from all fronts.

We look at recruitment efforts during the war and fund raising events, the way in which the news of deaths arrived and the memorials that took place during the war. There is a good use of contemporary documents and pictures, which give us a good feel for the period. Overall this will be of value for those with an interest in the history of Doncaster.

1 - Peace is Shattered
2 - Eager for a Fight
3 - The War Rages On
4 - A Daily Struggle
5 - Nearing the End
6 - The Settling Dust

Author: Symeon Mark Waller
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 112
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2014

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