Typhoon and Tempest Aces of World War War 2, Chris Thomas

Typhoon and Tempest Aces of World War War 2, Chris Thomas

Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 27

This is a typical entry in the Aircraft of the Aces series. This is one of the book's main strengths. The Typhoon was a notoriously difficult aircraft, but was popular with many of its pilots. This is well reflected in the many extracts from pilot reports, interviews and autobiographies amply scattered through the book, which reflect that combination of enthusiasm and healthy caution that greeted the Typhoon.

One unusual feature of this book is that it concentrates on the air combat career of the Typhoon and Tempest, largely ignoring the Typhoon's more successful second career as a ground attack aircraft. Despite its troubled reputation, the Typhoon actually scored seven more victories than the Tempest - 246 to 239 - although the Tempest achieved most of its victories in the final six months of the war.

1 - Into Service and Out?
2 - JABO Hunters
3 - "Rhubarbs" and "Rangers"
4 - D-Day and "Divers"
5 - Holland
6 - Final Battles
7 - Top Scorers

Author: Chris Thomas
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 96
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 1999

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