Images of War: Blitzkrieg Poland, Jon Sutherland and Diane Canwell

Images of War: Blitzkrieg Poland, Jon Sutherland and Diane Canwell

This entry in the Images of War series contains the picture albums of three German officers who served in Poland in 1939. The first two albums contain pictures from the invasion, one taken by a member of a signals unit and the other by a member of the medical service. The third album belonged to an SS officer and was probably taken in the early stage of the German occupation.

Each picture is accompanied by a sizable caption. Most give details on the content of the picture - what equipment, vehicles or uniforms were are seeing. Others comment on the progress of the war.

The all-important pictures are reproduced in a very high quality, clear and crisp. Naturally, given the source of the albums, most illustrate German topics, but there are plenty of pictures of Polish equipment, especially in the third album.

This is an interesting collection of photographs that illustrate some often unseen aspects of the German army of 1939, as well as including the more familiar scenes of the destruction that army caused.

1 - Signals Collection
2 - The German Medical Service in Poland
3 - SS Officer's Album

Authors: Jon Sutherland and Diane Canwell
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 112
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2010

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