Six of Monty's Men, Adrian Steward

Six of Monty's Men, Adrian Steward

This book takes an unusual approach to the Allied campaigns in North Africa, Italy and Normandy, examining them from the point of view of six of Field Marshal Montgomery's keys subordinates. The author's study of the wartime careers of Harding, Leese, de Guingand, Horrocks, Richardson and Roberts has been carefully constructed to also provide a coherent account of Montgomery's main campaigns, from the first days in North Africa to the final German surrender.

Steward has chosen a varied group of men. De Guingand was Montgomery's chief of staff, a very capable organiser and later an essential diplomat, smoothing relations between Montgomery and his American allies and commander. Richardson was a planner, responsible in part for the deception plans that helped the Allied cause. The remaining four officers commandeered divisions or corps, although Harding was also a capable staff officer.

This is an interesting approach to the subject, and if handled badly could have resulted in confusion or repetition. Happily Steward has avoided both of those pitfalls and has produced a coherent piece of work that provides an interesting view of Montgomery as a commander, and of the battles that he fought.

1 - Masters and Pupils
2 - 'That Little Tiger'
3 - The Guardsman
4 - 'Berthier'
5 - 'Enthusiasm, Enthusiasm'
6 - Plans and Operations
7 - The Armoured Commander
8 - Latter Days

Author: Adrian Steward
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 226
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2011

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