Winter Uniforms of the German Army and Luftwaffe in World War II, Vincent Slegers

Winter Uniforms of the German Army and Luftwaffe in World War II, Vincent Slegers

One of the key reasons for the German failure in Russia in 1941 was the lack of proper winter equipment. When the winter arrived before the war had been won, the German army was caught out. Equipment failed, and the lack of a proper winter uniform meant that vast numbers of troops suffered in the bitter cold. As this book amply proves, the Germans soon made up for this mistake, and in subsequent winters a wide range of purpose-designed winter clothing and accessories were available.

I would estimate that at least two thirds of the book is dedicated to the excellent photographs. There is a good mix of photos of individual uniform items and of German soldiers wearing the equipment. Many of the photographs are in colour (including a large selection of modern photographs of original items).

I think it's fair to say that this book is not aimed at the general reader, but is focused fairly and squarely at people who already have an interest in German army uniforms - modellers, artists or re-enactors will find the level of detail invaluable. The work would also be of value to anyone trying to estimate the date of wartime photos (that might sound like an obscure market, but it's something I'll be using the book for).

The book is clearly very well researched. Original terminology is used throughout (with English translations at key points, including section headings). The book is very well organised, with a detailed content section that makes it easy to find specific items.  The text is clearly written (even if the translation is sometimes a little idiosyncratic). The pictures are generally of a very high quality and well reproduced, and the entire book is very well presented. This is a high quality piece of work, and should be of great value to its target audience. 

1 - Standard Uniforms and Equipment
2 - Makeshift Winter Garments
3 - Long Coats (Mäntel)
4 - Ski Suits and Snow Camouflage Garments
5 - Winter Suits (Die Winteranzüge)
6 - Thermal Garments and Body Warmers
7 - Fur Uniforms (Fellanzüge)
8 - Uniform Accessories (Bekleidungsgegenstände)
9 - Headdress (Kopfbedeckung)
10 - Footwear (Fussbekleidung)
10 - Insignia (Abzeichen)
11 - Markings (Kammerstempeln)
12 - Bibliography

Author: Vincent Slegers
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 272 (A4 size)
Publisher: Schiffer
Year: 2011

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