Tracing Your Liverpool Ancestors, Mike Royden

Tracing Your Liverpool Ancestors, Mike Royden

This book is organised into themed chapters looking at different aspects of the history of Liverpool, starting with the economic development of the city, before moving on to housing, health care, religion, migration, education and the experience of war. Each chapter ends with a section on sources for further research and reading, including print and online sources.

This structure gives the book a nice emphasis on finding out about the life of the ancestor, not just on tracing a list of names (although there is a guide to researching the family tree in the appendices)

Chapter Eleven, on the experience of war, is directly relevant to our website. This chapter starts with a look at the local Liverpool regiments of the First World War, then provides material on researching First World War service careers, while for the Second World War Royden looks at evacuation and the Liverpool blitz.

This will be a very valuable guide for anybody researching a family tree that has taken them to Liverpool, giving a good idea of what to look for and where to find it.

Section One: Work and Economy
Chapter One: The rise of the port
Chapter Two: Shipbuilding
Chapter Three: Shipping Lines and Seamen
Chapter Four: Estate and Agriculture
Chapter Five: Transport

Section Two: Society
Chapter Six: Black Spot on the Mersey or A House in the Park
Chapter Seven: Poverty and the Labouring Poor
Chapter Eight: Heath and Charity
Chapter Nine: The World in One City: Religion and Migration
Chapter Ten: Education
Chapter Eleven: The Experience of War

One: Research Guide
Two: Archives, Libraries and Local Study Centres
Three: Web Resources
Four: Other Useful Organisations and Resources
Five: Museums and Heritage Centres
Six: Recommended Reading

Author: Mike Royden
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 260
Publisher: Pen & Sword Family History
Year: 2010

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