Casca 36: The Minuteman, Tony Roberts

Casca 36: The Minuteman, Tony Roberts

This entry in the Casca series takes place at the very start of the American War of Independence. Casca is living in peace near to Boston in the years before the revolution, having an affair with the daughter of a prominent local merchant. In the last days of peace he crosses paths with an influential but corrupt British army officer and nobleman who is engaged to the same girl.

Casca is forced into the rebel camp and over the course of the novel takes part in the fighting around Boston, the loss of New York and the American victories at Trenton and Princeton, as well as having to try and rescue his love.

This is an entertaining entry in the Casca series, set at a crucial point in history. The troubles of Washington's army are convincingly recreated and the main villain is suitably 'hissable' without being a total stereotype. Casca's experiences in the musket line match what I've read from contemporary accounts. The transition from murmurings of discontent to open revolt is also handled well. Enough is left open at the end to suggest that a sequel will probably follow, but this book works as a stand-alone story.

The book is also available from the Casca Website

Author: Tony Roberts
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 221
Publisher: Americana Books
Year: 2011

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