Operation Iraqi Freedom: US Army Abrams, Bradley and Stryker, Andy Renshaw and Ryan Harden

Operation Iraqi Freedom: US Army Abrams, Bradley & Stryker, Andy Renshaw & Ryan Harden

This book is intended to act as a modelling guide for the three main American armoured vehicles of Operation Iraqi Freedom - the Abrams tank and the Bradley and Stryker infantry fighting vehicles. Each vehicle is dealt with in four chapters. The first is a brief history of its development, from the earliest version to the most recent at time of writing. This also includes a look at the main sub-types of each vehicle. Second is a walk-round, providing detailed pictures from a comprehensive set of angles. Third is a series of colour profiles, providing side-views of different colour schemes and unit markings. Finally comes the modelling guide, in each case starting with a basic kit, modifying it with one or more add-on kits and adding aftermarket details.

Each section is supported by copious full colour illustrations, making this one of the most visually attractive books I have reviewed. These pictures also serve as part of the modelling guide, providing extra reference pictures for the modeller. Even as a lapsed modeller (and never to this level!) I can see the value of the walk-rounds, which provide some very detailed views from unusual angles, answering the sort of questions that I have struggled to answer when writing some articles.

The modelling advice is aimed at the more ambitious modeller, and focuses on the techniques needed to match up the base kit and the various modifications, mostly resin or brass details, although some simple scratch building is included. The overall results are very impressive, and rather inspire me to invest in a kit and get building myself!

1 - The Abrams MBT: Abrams Described; Abrams Walkround; Colour Profiles; Abrams Model Build
2 - The Bradley IFV: Bradley Described; Bradley Walkround; Colour Profiles; Bradley Model Build
3 - The Stryker IFV: Stryker Described; Stryker Walkround; Colour Profiles; Stryker Model Build

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Author: Andy Renshaw & Ryan Harden
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 127
Publisher: SAM Publications
Year: 2010

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