Culloden: The History and Archaeology of the Last Clan Battle, ed. Tony Pollard

Culloden: The History and Archaeology of the Last Clan Battle, ed. Tony Pollard

This volume contains a series of articles on the last, and one of the most controversial, land battles to be fought on British soil. The ten articles cover a wide range of topics, but the book is rather better structured that most such collections (which often simply reflect the personal interests of the authors, leaving large gaps)

The book starts with an overview of the '45, followed by three articles on the armies (Jacobite, British and cavalry) and a narrative account of the battle itself. The remaining articles look at the archaeology, history and impact of the battle and the attempts to preserve and protect the battlefield. The chapter on the available maps of the battle is particularly interesting.

The nine authors have clearly read each others articles, and there are a number of points where authors have provided cross-references to an alternative point of view to their own (a real rarity in similar volumes, and a very useful touch that makes it clear how much controversy there still is on this subject).

This is a useful collection of articles that provides a detailed and well balanced view of this controversial battle, with some interesting new material based on recent battlefield archaeology.

Introduction: The Battle of Culloden – More than a Difference of Opinion
The '45 Campaign
The Jacobite Army at Culloden
The British Army at Culloden
Cavalry in the '45
The Battle of Culloden: A Narrative Account
Capturing the Moment: The Archaeology of the Culloden Battlefield
'To Gather an Image While': Some Early Maps and Plans of the Battle of Culloden
Irish Intriguers and Scottish Councils: Post-Culloden Narratives and Their Recriminations
Drumoissie Moor: Memorialisation, Development and Restoration in an Evolving Historical Landscape
The Significance of Culloden

Editor: Tony Pollard
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 274
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2009

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