Tracing Your Family History on the Internet, Chris Paton

Tracing Your Family History on the Internet, Chris Paton

This guide to family history focuses entirely on the records and other aids that are currently available on the internet. It assumes that the reader had a basic idea of how to go about researching their family history, and so doesn't waste time on a basic introduction. Instead we start with a look at the key web resources - the gateways that list other resources and those institutions that hold the physical records and their presence online.

The nature of the internet means that websites come and go, often without warning. With that in mind one mind wonder about the long-term value of a printed guide to the internet, but in this case I think Paton had picked out websites that are unlikely to disappear - some have been going for over ten years, others are government, academic or run by long standing historical or genealogical societies.

Paton has unearthed some very valuable web resources on top of the expected local family history societies and genealogical websites. The occupational sites are interesting, and don't always appear on the genealogical gateway sites, and he has done a good job of finding valuable resources that are part of larger sites. Overall this is a valuable guide to family history on the internet that should be of value for several years.

1 - Gateways and Institutions
2 - Genealogical Essentials
3 - Occupational Records
4 - England
5 - Wales
6 - Scotland
7 - Northern Ireland
8 - Crown Dependencies
9 - Empire and Migration
10 - Social Networking

Author: Chris Paton
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 193
Publisher: Pen & Sword Family History
Year: 2011

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